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Getting Back on Good Footing

By careful analysis of the contributing factors that lead to frequent falls - we establish an individualized exercise plan to restore your confidence and get you back to your old self. As the leading vertigo treatment clinic in Colorado, we help clients overcome the symptoms and causes for unsteadiness (including but not limited to vertigo, dizziness, and vestibular conditions) so that you can once again be on easy footing. 

Our initial exam will include a multi-system assessment and measurements determined by a specialty trained physical therapist.  You will then participate in goal setting and elect a program that is best suited to your needs.  Just as no one patient is alike, neither are our treatments. You can be assured that the treatments we offer are uniquely designed to successfully manage each patient's particular condition.

Treatments include:

  • Treatment by a Licensed Physical Therapist with specialty training in balance and vestibular rehabilitation

  • Comprehensive, specific evaluation

  • Treatment based on individual needs

  • Evidence-based evaluations coupled with cutting edge innovations and treatment

  • Focus on improvement of long-term function

  • Individualized 1:1 appointments and treatment

Did you know? 

  • 1 in 4 adults fall each year 

  • Less than half of those who fall tell their doctor

  • One fall will double your chance of falling again in the future

  • Falls are the #1 leading cause of traumatic brain injury

  • The fear of falling is one of the most reported reasons for reduction in physical activity 

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